About us

A lifestyle brand started in 2019 that deals with fashionable consumer electronics. The product range has expanded to include an extensive catalogue of headphones, earphones, travel chargers & premium cables. The brand has been gaining traction through its zeal to get in the game and compete with the best in the industry #LetTheGameBegin. 

Our Tagline defines the foundation that this brand is built on. What defines an Estilo owner? That would be the trendsetters, a person that strives to become the best despite all odds. The ones who love to rock out and have fun, to fearlessly dig deep and stay en-grained to their truths. Estilo’s distinct quality checks ensure that the love for good and durable products is intact.

Let the Game Begin, is an invite to all those who are looking to prove themselves. We intend to provide quality products that help you move forward without obstructions. We are living in the now, this world never stops moving. We might fail sometimes but we never give up, we are like the phoenix, we rise from our ashes with a bang!


To achieve customer satisfaction through excellence in quality, design and supply chain management. We are a results-oriented company that builds value for our customers through our employees by creating an atmosphere of optimism, teamwork, creativity, resourcefulness and dealing with all people openly and ethically. To come up with new exciting innovative products to the market. To achieve our goal we will: 

  1. Commit to on-time delivery, guaranteed technical support and long term supply of products with best market prices.
  2. Supply a wide variety of products for continuous growth. 
  3. Grow as a company worldwide through online sales. 


Estilo provides competitive, high-quality consumer electronic and individualized customer services. Our vision is to be the leading organization and a one-stop-shop for people looking to invest in the high-quality car/mobile/audio accessories with free maintenance, long-lasting, reliable, durable, smart and customized electronic components. We aim to develop new standards and set a benchmark in the industry. 


  1. Provide the best, high-end quality Indian products to our customers.
  2. Work closely with our customers to understand their needs.
  3. Recognize the strengths of those we work with and focus our efforts on helping them overcome their weaknesses.
  4. Treat all individuals with courtesy, dignity, and respect.
  5. Work together as a team to provide quality services.
  6. Recognize the value of all employees in attaining our goals.
  7. Work cooperatively to solve problems and develop solutions.
  8. Provide a work environment that motivates our employees and encourages independence, cooperation, respect, and humour.